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1 action a week. 1 issue at a time.

Our Goals

We want to make political engagement accessible and straightforward for the non-traditional activist, especially for young people, people of color & progressives in rural communities. If you’ve never imagined yourself part of the resistance, we want to help break it down. The only way we can hope to regain control of our country at a local and national level is to engage new activists in a sustainable and relatable way.

How It Works

Each month, we select one core issue and create four straightforward tasks for you to complete. The tasks could be as simple as sending a quick email, signing a greeting card, make a donation, calling your representative, or simply signing up for resources that will keep you informed. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a week. If you want to dive deeper, we’ll provide additional resources and articles to grow your understanding around a topic. And after a month, you’ll move on to another issue of importance.

What to Expect

  • 1st of the Month: The month’s issue & an outline of the weekly actions on social media and the website
  • Monday AM of every week: Full outline of that week’s task on social and on the website
  • Lots & lots of sharing of success stories and news related to the challenge
  • Sharing love for & resources from any and all organizations doing valuable work and fighting the good fight

Starter Kit

Participating in the challenge? Make sure you’ve done these simple tasks before you begin. They’ll help in the long run.

Starter Kit Tools & Resources:
Register to Vote
PBS NewsHour

Thanks for your participation!

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