The February Rundown: Healthcare

The Trump Administration wasted no time dismantling one of President Obama’s signature policies – the Affordable Care Act. ¬†Otherwise known as ‘Obamacare,’ the ACA made sure more than 20 million people had access to healthcare. Even more received protections under the law, including children under the age of 26 and those with pre-existing conditions.

According to the Urban Institute, repealing the ACA could have a disastrous impact:

  • 29.8 million Americans will lose health insurance
  • 82% will be working class
  • 44% will be people of color
  • 3 million jobs will be lost by 2021*

Republicans have also threatened women’s healthcare by targeting Planned Parenthood. While conservatives argue defunding PP is a pro-life issue, no federal funding goes towards abortion services. Defunding Planned Parenthood would eliminate basic services like STD testing, cancer screenings, physicals and abortion counseling.

To go more in depth on what’s at stake for healthcare in our nation and specifically in your state under the Trump administration, visit the Protect Our Care Coalition’s website. Also, check out the additional tools & resources below.

Tool & Resources:
ACA by the Numbers
Resistance Manual’s Rundown on¬†Obamacare/ACA
FamiliesUSA’s Protect Our Care Coalition

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