About the Challenge

1 action a week. 1 issue at a time.

About the Resistance Challenge

Now is the time for Americans of all backgrounds to take a stand for our democracy. But with so many battles being fought, where do we start? That’s where The Resistance Challenge comes in. We cut through the noise to provide four concrete action items a month, centered around a topic of critical importance. Instead of chasing the latest crisis, you’ll channel that energy into a progressive cause that deserves your attention.

Our Goals

We want to make political engagement¬†accessible and straightforward for the non-traditional activist, especially for young people, people of color & progressives in rural communities. If you’ve never imagined yourself part of the resistance, we want to help break it down. The only way we can hope to regain control of our country at a local and national level is to engage new activists in a sustainable and relatable way.

How It Works

Each month, we select one core issue and create four straightforward tasks for you to complete. The tasks could be as simple as sending a quick email, signing a greeting card, make a donation, calling your representative, or simply signing up for resources that will keep you informed. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a week. If you want to dive deeper, we’ll provide additional resources and articles to grow your understanding around a topic. And after a month, you’ll move on to another issue of importance.

Why One Issue at a Time?

The Trump Administration wants to¬†destabilize their opposition through ‘shock and awe’ legislation. Through the sheer volume of executive orders, controversial appointments and insane tweets they hope to keep us on our heels, constantly reacting to their agenda. We want to break the cycle.¬†If you’re new to activism, we’ll clearly focus your energy around an issue of critical importance. Want a bigger challenge? We’ll have BONUS CHALLENGES that will address up-to-the-minute issues.

Who We Are

The Resistance Challenge was started by Joshua H. Jenkins and Bryan Joseph Lee, two D.C. residents who were simultaneously inspired and challenged by the Women’s March on Washington. We think that diversity and intersectionality is the true strength of the resistance. We wanted to bring more people of color and non-traditional activists into the fold. We wanted to set a pace that was sustainable – without burning ourselves out or going insane. And we wanted to create a structure so simple our mothers could play along.

Questions? Let us know at: info [at] theresistancechallenge [dot] org

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